Popular coffee types

Café Latte

These coffees are apparently different variants of espressos. The café latte is made by adding a lot of milk and micro-foam, which adds to the texture and quality of the coffee.

Cafe Mocha

This variant of the café latte is an American invention, one inspired by the coffee beverage Bicerin. The café mocha is an espresso-based drink with hot milk and chocolate.


A macchiato is an espresso coffee drink with a small amount of foamed milk on the top. Macchiatos are commonly accompanied by flavor shots, too.

Unique types of coffee

AeroPress Coffee

To make this type of coffee, you need to use an AeroPress device. The process looks like this: you place a paper filter or metal filter in the tube, steep the coffee for less than a minute, and then press it through the filter with a plunger.

Americano Coffee

Americano Coffee or Caffè Americano has its origin in America only. It is prepared by diluting hot water with a single or double shot of espresso.

Mazagran Coffee

This type of coffee may not be your typical coffee drink of choice while on your way to work in the morning. This coffee beverage originated in Algeria after the war in 1840, and is now commonly enjoyed in Portugal, as well, for those wondering where to find it.

The best coffee making tips

  • 1

    Re-use your coffee grounds

    The ever-lasting smell of garlic on your fingertips; dishes that just won't come clean; pests that eat up your backyard garden. If only there were some kind of magic, coarsely-ground semi-paste to take care of all these at once!

  • 2

    Do not leave coffee in the French press

    If you're not planning on drinking the coffee immediately, do not leave it in the French press, as it will continue to sit on the grounds and become bitter.

  • 3

    Embrace whole beans

    It's also important to buy whole bean coffee instead of pre-ground. While grinding may add a few moments to your morning routine, it’s worth it.

Heroes Behind the Company

By the end of the course, you’ll be at the level of a skilled working barista, able to work confidently in a busy barista environment.

For established baristas, you will develop and enhance your existing skillset as we’ll cover advanced techniques, including coffee flair, complex brewing methods, extraction, flavor development and more.

In addition, coffee making course includes different coffee business practices, efficient workflow, costs, and customer service. So this course will be useful for entrepreneurs and aspiring coffee shop owners.

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